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Corkcicle wine chiller

Lose the bucket ! This freezable Corkcicle maintains your wines at the perfect temperature from the inside out, keeping chilled whites chilled, and cooling down reds. It's simply the most colourful and trendy way to enjoy perfectly chilled wines, every time. Available in a variety of colours. R 360.00 incl VAT and postage (Not Courier).

Perfectly chilled wine every time, without the drip and condensation of a clumsy ice bucket.  Maintains chilled whites.  Cools down reds.

Keeping your wines at just the right drinking temperature once the bottle is on the table can present a dilemma.  Too cold and it can mask the aromas and flavours.  Too warm and the flavours may take a back seat to the alcohol.  The answer to this is the Corkcicle.  Re-freeze and re-use.

Available in Natural Cork colour, as well as Cerise, Turquoise, Green and Orange.

Ideal summer gift and picnic idea.

R 360.00 incl VAT and postage (Not Courier)



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