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EuroCave Cigar Humidor CC064

With over 35 years experience in preservation of wine and cigars, this EuroCave cigar humidor provides the ultimate cigar storage solution. Up to 40 boxes or 1,000 cigars can be accommodated. A unique automatic regulation system of temperature and humidity together with a classic matt black finish and double-paned, UV protected glass door to blend easily with your interior design. POA

Like any natural product, cigars require a particular kind of care.  They must be protected from extreme temperatures and kept in a humidified environment.  Ideally this would be in a temperature of around 17 °C and a relative humidity of around 70%.  An over-dry cigar without enough natural humidity burns away too quickly, while an overly-damp cigar burns badly, with dense smoke and a sharp and unpleasant taste.

Too cold and a cigar will not deliver its full potential and if overheated, can be infected by tobacco parasite which hatches at high temperatures.

Before sampling one of your fine cigars, take the time to let it reach room temperature, just as you would a fine red wine.

  • Temperature range 9 to 18 °C
  • Humidity maintenance between 65% and 75%
  • Constant display of temperature and humidity
  • Presentation tray, storage drawer and 2 sliding shelves
  • Carbon filter for purified air
  • Easy to clean for maximum hygiene integrity
  • Visual and audible alarms
  • Lockable, double paned, UV protected glass door
  • 950 x 654 x 689 (H x W x D) mm



3 - 4 Month Waiting Period



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