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Rondo cooling system

Locally assembled and supplied, these low temp cooling units are especially designed to cool down to 12 °C, ideal temperature conditions for your wine cellar. An effective solution for cellar cooling, we offer various sizes to suit cellars from approx 6 cubic metres up to 50 cubic metres. A split system, with the new Danfoss Optyma energy efficient and compact external condenser unit. From R 31,799.00 incl VAT.

Unlike standard air conditioners which typically maintain temperatures around 18 °C, these specially designed and supplied cooling units chill down to 12 °C, which is optimum for cellaring wine.  They are split systems, consisting of an internal and external unit, joined by duct piping, providing a solution for above and underground wine cellars where direct ventilation is not practical.  These offer the most economical cellar cooling system on the market.

  • 180 degree airflow and air discharge
  • Auto defrost
  • Ambient temperature up to 35°C
  • Dual 300mm fan unit (single fan unit illustrated above)
  • Cools down to 12 degrees C
  • Ceiling mounted (requires 60 mm clearance)
  • Optional wall mounted, panel temperature control unit
  • From +/- 6 cubic metre room size, up to 50 cubic metres
  • Basic insulation of walls and ceilings is recommended for more efficient performance
  • Internal noise level is around 48 dB when the fans are operating
  • Glass panels can be used in cellar but must double glazed
  • Danfoss Optyma condensor unit, energy efficient, lightweight, compact


From R 27,893.86 excl VAT
From R 31,799.00 incl VAT


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