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Fondis WINE IN 50+

The Fondis WINE IN 50+ cellar cooling system is designed for cellars up to 50 cubic metre capacity, and which require duct piping to vent the warm expelled air and intake the cooled air. Suitable for underground or internal cellars where there is no adjacent room or area for direct ventilation. Superior European quality and precision temperature control from French manufacturer who has been providing cellar cooling solutions for more than 15 years, Fondis has become the established leader in this field. P.O.A
  • Temperature control: Electronic regulation with a precision of 1°C. Integrated heating if temperature falls below selected temperature (selected models only).
  • Humidity maintenance: Recuperation then evaporation of the condensation
  • Vibration free: Maximum vibration absorption thanks to silent blocks placed on the compressor and ventilators
  • 2 speed motor fan automatically adjusted according to cellar temperature
  • Standby mode for manual halting of operation
  • Ease of use: A practical and clear control panel. The digital display will indicate the temperature inside the cellar.
  • Easy installation: The unit is ready to fit, plugging into a standard outlet. WINE IN 50+ provided with duct piping for external ventilation. 14 metres total length of duct piping in a straight line.  Bracket support is included.
  • Easy to maintain: Cleaning the condenser and the inner part of the heat exchanger fins twice a year with a vacuum cleaner is enough. Certain models require change of filter.
  • Ambient temperatures: Maximum 32 degrees Celsius, minimum 0 degrees Celsius.
  • CFC Free Fluid: R407c environment friendly refrigerant.  




The importance of insulation

The Fondis Wine Master cellar cooling units are designed to provide an ideal environment for your wine with minimum use of power. The greater the power needed, the greater both running expenses and noise generated, with associated wear and tear on the components. The specified conditioning capabilities of the units are given on the basis of installation in a fully heat insulated area. Lack of sufficient insulation materials may impair the operation and functionality of the cooling units.

Ensure that the area around the entrance door is properly sealed to prevent any cool air escaping or warm air entering. In addition, check that the door itself is constructed from appropriate materials for insulation purposes.

For optimal operation your cellar should be totally insulated with extruded polystyrene type materials. Floor, ceiling and all walls of the cellar must be insulated to minimum R-20 rating, although R-30 is recommended. Please contact us for more information on insulation.


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