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Fondis WINE IN 25

The Fondis WINE IN25 will air condition a wine cellar up to 25 m³, depending on insulation. This model is designed for cellars that require intake and outlet ventilation duct piping where there is no adjacent room for direct expulsion of warm air. With their innovative design, these units are fitted with the latest updated equipment offering silence and important energy saving. An efficient, ecologically friendly system, manufactured in France to the highest specifications. P.O.A

The Fondis WINE IN 25 system is designed for cellars that require separate intake and outlet ventilation.  Flexible piping configurations up to a total distance of 14 metres in a straight line.  This distance is reduced by 1 metre for every "elbow" of piping.   The front cover of WINE IN 25 is designed in Polymer ABS for an excellent resistance. A round honeycomb grid in black enamel sheet provides a visual discretion of the fan. The back side cover is made in treated steel and covered by a polyester paint.  The intake and exit ducts are mounted on top of the unit resulting in a space saving unit and aesthetic installation.

  • Equipped with an energy saving motor fan : only 7 watts for full fan speed functioning
  • Adjustable 2-speed rates controlled by the thermostat
  • Humidity maintenance : recuperation then evaporation of the condensation
  • Brushless engine for an electrical efficiency over 90%
  • Anti vibration system : rubber shock absorbers for quiet operation
  • Electronic thermostat with digital display
  • Standby mode : the cold air production can be halted manually
  • Ecological coolant gas R404A (no CFC)
  • Easy maintenance with a single filter to replace annually
  • Supplied with accessories kit including insulated ducts and grids
  • 2 year warranty

Additional specifications and installation guide available on request.



The importance of insulation

The Wine Master cellar cooling units are designed to provide an ideal environment for your wine with minimum use of power. The greater the power needed, the greater both running expenses and noise generated, with associated wear and tear on the components. The specified conditioning capabilities of the units are given on the basis of installation in a fully heat insulated area. Lack of sufficient insulation materials may impair the operation and functionality of the cooling units.

Ensure that the area around the entrance door is properly sealed to prevent any cool air escaping or warm air entering. In addition, check that the door itself is constructed from appropriate materials for insulation purposes.

For optimal operation your cellar should be totally insulated with extruded polystyrene type materials. Floor, ceiling and all walls of the cellar must be insulated to minimum R-20 rating, although R-30 is recommended. Please contact us for more information on insulation.


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