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Barigo Hygrometer/Thermometer

The Barigo Wine Cellar Climatemeter Hygrometer/Thermometer allows humidity and temperature to be measured in a single precision instrument. R 999.00, incl. VAT

The Barigo brand is a leading manufacturer around the world for their high quality precision instruments. Barigo's products are made in Germany and constructed from the highest-quality solid materials.

The Comfortmeter (Thermo-Hygrometer) gives detailed information to the climate in the wine cellar, in order to have an ideal situation for storage. The marked grey zone informs you about too high or too low humidity/temperature in the wine cellar. Wine should be stored at a temperature between 10 and 15 °C and relative air humidity between 70% and 90%. This gives you the chance to take action to influence the climate and keep the wine drinkable for longer. 

  • Measuring range 0°C - 20°C  
  • Resolution 1°C  
  • Graphical display for the storage of red and white wine 10°C - 15°C  
  • Measuring range 48% RH - 100% RH 
  • Resolution 1% RH  
  • Graphical display for the storage of red and white wine 70% RH - 90% RH  
  • Material: metal 
  • Plastic glass  
  • Rounded edges  
  • Measurements: 100 x 25mm  
  • Weight: 150g brutto 

R 999.00 incl VAT 


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